All About Fanboxxed

In 2021 we were just starting to get back to some semblance of normal life after the COVID global pandemic hit in 2020.


We spent most of 2020 locked down, binging box sets, and movies, gaming and hobbies were the way a lot of people (including us) found ways to get through.  Immersing ourselves in our favourite things became a way to escape the reality of what was happening to us all.


We started fanboxxed as we found that connecting with people over our love of the thing we geek out over (TV and Movies) gave a sense of belonging and community sadly lacking in so many peoples lives.


Many still struggle to feel like they fit in.  If you aren’t developing bonds with peers at school/work or in friend groups on the weekends, because you may not fit a certain socially accepted 'norm’ for whatever reason (mental health issues, a diagnosis from professionals, confusion over sexuality or gender etc) fandoms and communities offer a jumping off point to find people who are like you in some small (or significant) way. 


Being part of a fandom is not something to underestimate. In numbers there is power, and in community, there is strength.


fanboxxed was started to fulfill a need we had to provide a gift to our daughter who suffers with social anxiety and feels like she doesn’t ‘fit in’. She gets utterly engrossed in her favourite TV shows and finds comfort from these fictional characters and universes.


There are so many people who feel like they are on the outside who would love to receive a fanboxx of merch to reinforce their love of their favourite things.